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 The Canadian Aboriginal Minerals Association's 25th Silver Anniversary Conference at the Marriott Eaton Center

Co-hosted by the Aboriginal Environmental Leadership Circle.

CAMA is Canada's leading network of Aboriginal communities concerned and interested in the resources industries. The network promotes community to community learning, sharing and relations in a forum through our Annual Conferences. The topics are leading edge and address the practical, grass roots and legal parameters to help Aboriginal communities and industry decide projects.  


Why attend CAMA events? 

  As Canada's longest serving Aboriginal mineral sector not-for-profit organization, you will hear directly from community Elders, youth, women and men, leaders on issues related to resource development. You will hear from leaders from industry, communities and government on how to move forward creating benefits and certainty for all. You will hear from learned judicial and legal representatives who know the trends in law with respect to consultation, consent, title and agreements. You will hear the first hand experiences of youth, elders, hunters, trappers, fishers, our community scientists, those affected by resource development decisions.

 The Canadian Aboriginal Minerals Association has been on instrument for positive change in Aboriginal community and mineral company relations. The transition has move from protests and litigation decades ago to communication and negotiation, where today there are nearly 400 benefit sharing and joint management agreements among community and industry partners. Since CAMA's creation by Aboriginal people a quarter century ago, there has been an evolution in discussions, agreements and the parties, all to their mutual benefit. You too can be a part of this positive trend.

We would like to invite you to participate this year and help us build on this success. Our members, delegates, speakers, and participants continue to evolve in response to the needs of youth, elders, and the community and in response to changes in laws, policies and the economy. Aboriginal communities, industry and governments gain leading edge knowledge and learn from each other at our events. We continue to welcome fresh perspectives.

We invite you to attend as a Delegate, an Exhibitor or even a Sponsor. We invite you to help us ensure that our Nations, Canada and industries remain strong, founded on a great economy, great people, a safe environment and meaningful partnerships.

Complete the Conference Registration form and forward it to us.

Are you a returning member?  Download your CAMA or AELC membership applications forms here.