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We are very thankful to all of our sponsors!

Without the generosity and support of our corporate sponsors, our conferences would not be possible and of high quality. 
We thank you.
The Canadian Aboriginal Minerals Association (CAMA) was founded and incorporated in 1992 as a Not-for-Profit Federal Corporation, under the laws of Canada. Our main activity is the bringing of Aboriginal communities and resources companies together to address community, environment, health and economic development issues.
Through our work with leading several Aboriginal communities, health and resource industry volunteer groups, we strive towards healthy Aboriginal communities and profitable resource companies. Many Aboriginal leaders advocate short-term benefits of resource development for their community focusing on potential positive impacts, to culture and health. If this prevails it could attribute far-reaching effects due to open dialogue and joint projects.
Over the past 25 years we have grown to include arbitration abroad as in South Africa, Australia, Mongolia and elsewhere, and we are seeing results of our events and initiates with industry. There are now more than 380 active agreements among Aboriginal communities and mineral companies, partly due to our efforts. Resource companies are also realizing the objectives of their Community Relations and Environmental policies by engaging Aboriginal communities.
We recognize our corporate sponsor’s as leaders in both the management of resources and environment, through their successes in working with affected Aboriginal communities. It is by sharing of their leadership that others can learn and work together to benefit each other, building a cooperative future for our youth, communities, and projects, all while striving to protect our environment.
This year our theme relates to water, mining and community / corporate growth.  Whether we are stewards of lands enjoy our lives in the community or are striving toward corporate growth, we all use products produced from the mining industry; we all struggle with balance. Communities, Industry and society depend on access to clean water. While water is vital to all life, we conflict with balancing the mining of minerals safely while ensuring that we all have fresh water for future generations.
Today, community knowledge, community and corporate innovation, with advances in mining technologies, are striving to work together to protect waters.  How can we achieve this balance? 
Our conference continues to be a huge success, both in quality and attendance with nearly 500 delegates last year.  We invite you to join CAMA as a Corporate Sponsor for the upcoming 25th Silver Anniversary Conference
The conference is entitled “Water For Life, Mining For Need, Achieving Balance”
It will be held at the Toronto Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre, Toronto, Ontario on November 12 - 14, 2017
The conference is an ideal platform to create and nurture networks. Each event is comprised of plenary town-hall type presentations, social networking events and a gala all over a three-day period. Engaging the audience throughout is our prime objective. 
Highlights for 2017 will include a Legal Panel, Leadership Panel, Youth Panel, Water Panel, Key Note address along with other highlights on the economy, resource development, Aboriginal community aspirations, joint initiatives, environment and more.
Should you be interested in joining our growing family of corporate sponsors for this this upcoming exciting 25th Anniversary event please review our 2017 Sponsorship opportunities and contact our us at or at our toll free number 1-844-443-6452.
In sponsoring the 25th Silver Anniversary Conference, some of the benefits include:
  • Target Audience attendance in Aboriginal Resource Development;
  • Promote your Corporate / Community Brand, Successes and Leadership;
  • Brand Yourself as a Supporter of Responsible Resource Management, Environmental Management & Community Relationships;
  • Network with Industry and Community experts to explore potential new business opportunities;
  • Strengthen and enhance existing Industry & Community networks;
  • Keep ahead of Leading Edge Practices and Legal Developments; and
  • Your contribution will help offset the overall conference requirements and greater community participation.