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Welcome to the Canadian Aboriginal Minerals Association!

Since 1992, the Canadian Aboriginal Minerals Association (CAMA) has been instrumental in bringing both Aboriginal communities and the mineral sector together to help meet their objectives. Certainty of investment, a secured access to lands, resources and a healthy return for shareholders and members.  It is through our vast network, our membership and our annual events, where we have had the most success. 

CAMA has been involved in the Ekati, Diavik, Argyle, Voisey’s Bay, Mussellwhite, Oyo Togoi and many other mining projects with many Aboriginal communities both here in Canada and around the world.  

Our main objective is to bring Aboriginal communities, resource companies and suppliers together to collaborate and learn from each, work toward mutual benefits for the growth and health of Aboriginal communities and Industry. This is accomplished primarily through our unique network, where delegates from communities, industry, governments and the private sector share their knowledge through lessons learned and innovative ideas on how to move forward together. 

This years’ theme is founded on the spirit and intent for sharing.  We all share the need for a healthy environment to achieve our objectives, whether it is an Aboriginal community striving to remain vibrant or a resource project striving to provide a return on investment to shareholders. Healthy people and environments ensure productive workforces which is essential for the profitability, growth and health of the Aboriginal communities and resource companies.  The spirit and intent of negotiated arrangements, whether Treaties or Benefits Agreements, are founded on the Sharing of the rewards and benefits for all to realize healthy returns. Has this happened?

Hans Matthews,