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Welcome to the Canadian Aboriginal Minerals Association!

Hans Mathews

We founded CAMA in 1991 with the help of Aboriginal communities, mining industry and several financial, consulting and legal groups from throughout Canada. Our main Annual networking conference is the main driver for our growing success and we have grown to over several hundred members.

This year, 2016, we will present our 24th Annual Conference with the focus on "Embracing the Past, Mining the Present, A Rewarding Future". It is quite fitting that with the recent positive changes whether they are; political, legal, social, economical or environmental, many now are utilizing the community's knowledge. Our aim is to help the youth, inform industry and governments, and bringing the past forward to teach future generations and ensure their futures.

Governments have only recently embraced the desires, aspirations and plans of Aboriginal communities to be decision makers in resource development. Aboriginal communities want to engage with mining companies to share in the potential wealth, share in benefits, share in decisions, and work together to discuss ways to allow projects to proceed with minimal or no negative impact on our communities.

Is this a way to achieve consent?

There are many scholars, experts and advisors to Aboriginal communities who wish to reach success in resource development and management. However, the true scientists and experts reside in our communities. One key objective of CAMA is to bring Aboriginal communities together, to learn from each other. Some have long standing practices and experience with the mining industry, while others are unfamiliar with the industry. Our peoples have always been good teachers and scientists.

This year we are all about "Embracing the Past, Mining the Present, A Rewarding Future", as we all move forward to discuss together what has always been intended while sharing in the wealth of our peoples, resources and knowledge.

We hope that you can join us at our 24th Annual Conference.

Together we All benefit our future.

Hans Matthews, President