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Welcome to our 2017 Delegation!

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It was in 1991 where we first thought to ask Aboriginal communities if they thought a not-for-profit interest group could help address community concerns with the mining industry and help bring the parties together. When we were incorporated in 1992 we knew our work had only just started. 25 years ago, we held our first conference, with a focus on Nunavut, diamonds and industry-community relations. We matured over the past few decades by hearing from communities about the strength of agreements, growing concerns with preserving the environment, seeking revenues from industry and how youth can have a healthy rewarding future.

This year, in addition to celebrating our Silver Anniversary, we are also celebrating the greater role Aboriginal communities have in environmental management. This trend will continue to grow stronger as communities share knowledge of the lands, resources and waters. Mining companies and governments are learning to embrace this knowledge in project planning, development and mine Closure. The mines always close but the communities remain. We are all focused on water quality for today and tomorrow.

While we all need water to survive or to operate mines, how can we manage it better? While we use things everyday out of want or need made of metals, glass and minerals, do we need the mining industry? How can communities make decisions about mining, while at the same time upholding the need for clean refreshing water?

Please join us, along with Goldcorp, our Lead Sponsor, in exploring how we may work together to address, "Water for Life, Mining for Need, Achieving Balance".

Enjoy as we celebrate your quarter century of support and sharing your views and thoughts!

Hans Matthews,