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Moving Forward Together!

The Canadian Aboriginal Minerals Association (CAMA) continues to evolve as the needs of our delegates, followers, supporters and friends change. Many Communities continue to be empowered as they demonstrate innovative responses to resource development while being active stewards of their lands and resources.  Over the years, we have seen communities grow stronger by working together and sharing knowledge.  

Maintaining the environment and it’s foundation to support culture, well being and our future is our greatest priority. Balance this with the beneficial opportunities provided by partnerships and community investment in the minerals sector, and corporate investment in communities.

CAMA is also undergoing change.

Since 1992, we have celebrated 25 years of amazing conferences. We commit to this momentum thanks to our many Sponsors. We have helped create an expanding network of people interested in community development, environmental protection, fair agreements, mineral exploration and development for the benefit of all.  

With this ongoing planning and reshaping underway, we will focus on a 2019 event rather than this year.    

While we are always excited each year to meet with you, discuss issues and laugh, we need to think how we can make your experience better. The initiative for restructuring our annual event was in response to your enthusiasm and the growth in delegate attendance.  We strive to extend our contributions and to facilitate and accommodate this growing attendance.  

 We see a need to focus on current and planned developments faced by communities in their regional settings.  We strive to keep our events informative, interactive, current, and, sometimes,  controversial with the objective to benefit the needs of the Aboriginal Communities and the mining and related industries.

As a not-for-profit corporation, with volunteer leadership and helpers, we all well know how difficult it can be to generate funds, especially in an uncertain economy. We also realize that other groups and forums complement our objectives and that they create a choice for your attendance, sponsorship or participation.  Hosting our conference in the larger centers, such as Toronto hotels, and the uncertain returns in mining has challenged our funding, participants and Sponsors.  

 As such, our restructuring will include finding ways to keep our conferences and events affordable for our delegates and allow remote communities to benefit.  We hope to reach a wider community audience, including international.  

 We invite you to send us your feedback.  

 Let us know if you have ideas, topics of interest, or areas where CAMA should focus.  

 How can we improve meeting your needs?  


Hans Matthews